Energy Band Gap Experiment

To find the energy band gaps for different semiconductor diodes and LEDs
At absolute zero-degree temperature, semiconductors are pure insulators. As the temperature is increased thermal energy create vibrations in crystal lattice and few electrons, which acquire sufficient vibrational energy break their covalent bond, become free, and move to the conduction band. The energy required to rapture the covalent bond is designated as energy gap EG and termed as energy gap or band gap energy.
Key Features:
• Built-In Heater: The heating element is built in the system and is powered by 12V input. The efficient heating mechanism heats the system to required temperature in a few minutes with minimum power requirement of 40W.
• Modular Design: The modular design of the setup allows testing of multiple diodes as well as different LED’s.
• Built-In Voltage and Temperature Probe: All the necessary parameters to be measured are available directly on the setup itself.


What you Need

PH94002 Energy Band Gap Apparatus 1
PH61035D/5 Power Supply 1
PH64505 Multimeter 1
AC012 Syringe, 20ml 1
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